Main Course for Trainers ! basic level Tortosa Spain

Course for Trainers ! basic level Tortosa Spain

Course for Trainers ! basic level Tortosa Spain
Venue: Tortosa (Spain)
Cost: 600+vat 21% euro
Duration: 5 days


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Today our schools released not one coach, who successfully work in different European countries.

The course is designed for those who want to become a coach and dreams! for all fans of the business! Nail stylists for real!

If you feel your confidence and strength of your practical knowledge, then this course is for you!

The course will give you the opportunity to climb another step up the career ladder Nail stylist!


The course is updated! after the course – you can

have a permanent discount on the products of Agate (International School cooperating with Agate –, but can also be like dealer in your area), if you are using another brand, during the course you use your stuff.

Basic Course instructor work – Easy start, nails.

you will have advertising support from our school (posting information on social networks and online

our ability to issue diplomas and used textbooks.

comprehensive knowledge base of engineering and technology, spent the years of the program.

Secrets and features of the coach. You become the coach of the basic course – an easy start on a regular basis! You get a unique author’s course, in addition to the basic trainer! Get a photo with his own courses, and as a coach by category basis!

* Day One – modeling modern square design coat, white tip, especially conducting courses terminology

* the second day – long modeling modern almonds, french design, characteristics of the material Agate

* the third day – especially material Agate, especially sales and marketing company Agate, career prospects, training photos of nails, training in digital photo processing programs, dinner

* the fourth day – the author’s examination, if you are good at drawing or design, together with the coach to negotiate your author’s course, looms 10 (a) of tips of his author’s program (in advance are sending the program’s future course – not less than 2 weeks), negotiated name the course and the date, place, Photo.

if you are strong in modeling – are working on a form of nails or a specific topic for the creation of the course!

* fifth day – EXAM modeling – modeling modern almonds or square , the length of the nails 5-7

You will need for courses ( UV lamp or led , Brush for modeling Agate , micromotor and bits good quality , scissors cuticle LEX ,arches sticks , brush to draw Agate , Brush dust , dress or suit for  dinner , reflex camera (preferably purchased by this time),computer mouse , models for all dates).

Course for trainers by Agate international nails company and European nails schools.Info viber / whats up +370 611 40075

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