Main Prima.Lac brand Instructors (Coaches) course in Lithuania.

Prima.Lac brand Instructors (Coaches) course in Lithuania.

Prima.Lac brand Instructors (Coaches) course in Lithuania.
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Cost: 550 euro
Duration: 2 days


The course of instructors (trainers) of the Prima.Lac brand in Lithuania.
Prima.Lac from the course of instructors (trainers) of the Agate brand in Lithuania
Want to become a certified instructor for AGATE?
Do you dream of becoming part of our team?
Is it relevant for you to receive ongoing assistance in organizing your training, developing programs, preparing materials?
Do you expect to use a common advertising campaign and personalized advertising support?
Would you like to participate in various events, exhibitions, annual meetings of instructors?
Want to have a fixed discount and special offers on AGATE products?

If YES, read on.

Who can attend the training?
Professionals who are already mature instructors and want and can share their knowledge. For those who want to join the fast-growing team and AGATE brand community.

What should be the experience of the master to attend the training?
Years of experience is not important, it is important to work professionally and have high-quality knowledge that you want to share with other masters.

Training program

1st day of the course:
Part 1 10:00 – 13:30:
• We will begin to build our brand in the nail business.
• Form yourself and your expert position.
• Register on Instagram and Facebook.
• We will begin to gather new followers during the training!
• Make a powerful presentation to interest the customer.
• Explore monetary and branding strategies, why do we need a personal brand?
• Create an action plan for social networks.
• Instagram and Facebook algorithms.
• Beautiful pictures.
• Creating sales messages on social networks.
• Creating your own style (exclusivity) in social networks.

Part 2 14:00 – 19:00:
• Instagram IGTV, Instagram story algorithms 2019.
• Work plan for courses / training with students.
• Compulsory training materials, the intricacies of training.

1st day schedule:
• 09:30 Registration (coordination of participants, payment of the course balance).
• 10.00 1 part of the training.
• 13:30 Lunch.
• 14.00 2nd training.
• 19.00 End of the training day, summing up.

2nd day of the course:
• Perfect manicure practice.
• Practice with a rubber base and proper nail architecture.

• Forms of nails – square, soft square, oval, almond – an explanation to the students.
• French manicure, design – an explanation to the students.
• Gel polish, varnishing as close as possible to the cuticle
• SPA – Scrub, mask and massage: benefits and necessity.

Today, 1 model requires 2 models.

Schedule of the 2nd day:
• 09:00 Model 1.
• 10.00 part 1
• 13:30 Lunch.
• 14.00 Model 2
• 19.00 Results of training, issuance of certificates.
• General dinner

You need to have:
– CCFL or UV or LED lamp.
– Electric milling cutter.
– Nozzles are necessary for machine manicure. (you will have the opportunity to purchase them locally, but it is better to take with you everything that you have)
– cuticle repellent.
– Dust cleaning brush.
– a thin brush.
– Means for removing glue.
– A disinfectant for the skin.
– 100/180/240 gr. nail files.
– polisher, pad.

Trainings and many years of experience – Zhana Balaush:
Certified (SPAIN) Instructor (Trainer)
Teacher of international education.
Author application developer
Developer at Spain.
Founder of School.
Agate Nails is the CEO and Founder. is the owner of a professional nail cosmetics store in Spain.
2013-2019 – conducting courses, seminars, trainings in Ukraine, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, India.
Judge in the championships of Ukraine, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany and Belarus,

The cost of a two-day training is 550 euros, an advance payment guaranteeing your participation is 200 euros.
Prepayment Terms:
(1) Prepayment must be fully refunded if it is not possible to conduct training through the fault of the organizers;
2) Prepayment is non-refundable and non-transferable if you have not reported your absence.
ATTENTION! Before transferring the advance, send your photos (up to 10) and fill out the form.
Teacher degree is awarded for 2 years.

The maximum number of participants is 12 people.

For registration or additional questions, please contact FB – Jolanta Kveselienè, phone: 8-696 54433, e-mail: