Main Refill – correction course Deep refill.

Refill – correction course Deep refill.

Refill – correction course Deep refill.
Venue: Vilnius (Lithuania)
Cost: 135 euro
Duration: 1 day


An intensive course for practicing nail service masters, for masters who wish:
– accelerate the time of their work;
– hone the technique of working with cutters;
– Easily perform correction of nails of any complexity.

Gel or acrigel.

In the course you will learn:
– to do correction with a minimum expenditure of time;

– perform correction on different shapes of nails;

– perform the correction of arched nails;

– fix architecture down growing nails;

– change the design of nails during correction;

– high-speed filing technique “step by step”;

–  the perfect smile line Deep french.

Practical work is carried out on models.
The course lasts 1 day.
Class time from 10.00 to 18.00